April-May 2012

At the beginning of April took place the final sound mix of "Schatzritter" at Cinepostproduction Studios in Munich. The Luxembourgish version of the film is hence completed and approved! During the first week of May, we will proceed with the mix of the German version. Keep on following us on and Facebook.

January-March 2012
Recipe for 2012

Take a little bit of Grading, a fair amount of Sound Design and a palmful of tasty VFX, and mix it all up with a generous portion of Music...
What you get is not only Laura's current occupation, it's also the recipe for the completion of "Schatzritter". To be released in July... Get ready!

Decembre 2011 Berlin. Deswegen muss ich nächstens wieder hin...

Now that the picture of "Schatzritter" is locked, the sound designers of Wavefront Studios have taken over. Laura in the meantime is working with Berlin based composer Natalia Dittrich on the score.


Mother and daughter... everything is possible in the name of love and affection.
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Christian Degraux, caught between Luxembourg and Belgium, his work and his private life...
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L'écho des planches
Luxtime on air

Laura Schroeder and Tony De Maeyer interviewed by Sarah Authesserre during the Avignon Festival 2010

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