May-June 2011
D'Schatzritter gets ready to shoot

For Anton, Lana, Thierry and Tun, it was worth going through the long casting process. They are the ones that were eventually chosen to play Jeff and his friends in Laura's first feature, scheduled to start shooting on July 12th. The role of Melusina has gone to German actress Alexandra Neldel. Luxembourg actor Luc Feit will co-star as Jeff’s father. The film is backed by the Luxembourg Film Fund, the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, Saarland Medien and the MEDIA Programme.
Also watch out for more Double Saut screenings in Luxembourg.

April 2011
Release the balloons !

On May 5th, "Double Saut" (English title: Somersault) will celebrate its Luxembourgish Premiere. Along with a few other unreleased local shorts, the film will be presented during the closing night of the Discovery Zone Film Festival at cinema Utopia. Get a first glimpse here!
While the kids casting for "Schatzritter" has entered its final round, almost all heads of department have been confirmed. Latest to have jumped on board: Peter von Haller , renowned German DOP.

February-March 2011
More casting

After a very successful Berlinale regarding the progress of "Schatzritter", Laura devotes herself to the casting of the 4 young heroes again.
Over 700 children participated in the 2 week long marathon held in January; around 60 will make it into the second round.
"Double Saut", Laura's latest short, is finished and will celebrate its Luxembourgish Premiere in April.


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