February-March 2011
More casting

After a very successful Berlinale regarding the progress of "Schatzritter", Laura devotes herself to the casting of the 4 young heroes again.
Over 700 children participated in the 2 week long marathon held in January; around 60 will make it into the second round.
"Double Saut", Laura's latest short, is finished and will celebrate its Luxembourgish Premiere in April.

January 2011
Year of the Mermaid

Why not follow Jules Werner's invitation, and dive into the world of Melusina and her faithful young knights, yet to be found?
If you're aged between 8 and 12 years, speak Luxembourgish and are well-motivated to become one of these Schatzritter, send an email to or telephone 661-671681. The first round of the casting sets off at the end of the month. 
A happy new year to all you film lovers and makers out there!

Octobre/Novembre 2010
Pitching time

Just before its presentation at the TorinoFilmLab (Novembre 28-30th), « Desperate Kingdom of Love », Laura’s feature project, will also be pitched at this year’s Rencontres de Coproduction Francophone, taking place in the course of the Cinema du Quebec Festival in Paris (Novembre 22-28th).

More great news is that « Melusina TS » has been given the green light ! Which means we had a lot of Champagne… but also that the casting for children is open ! So if you’re between 8-13 years, with or without experience, contact us.

And last but not least, there is « Juliette, Juliette » (Novembre 10-21th, Théâtre du Centaure, Luxembourg). Laura created a short film for this theatre play, written and directed by Jari Juutinen. Don’t miss Milla Trausch in the lead role !


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Luxtime on air

Laura Schroeder and Tony De Maeyer interviewed by Sarah Authesserre during the Avignon Festival 2010

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