Septembre 2010
Desperate Kingdom of Love

Over the past months, Laura's feature in development has changed quite a bit. Therefore the title "Contingencies" has been abandoned and replaced with "Desperate Kingdom of Love". The new story and structure will be revealed at the Torino Film Lab at the end of Novembre, at the final event of the Script&Pitch Workshops.
Meanwhile the post-production of "Double Saut" has entered its final phase and we're hoping to finish it by Octobre.

July 2010
”Luxtime” goes south

One year after opening in Luxembourg, Laura’s ”Luxtime – Jacques Tati revisited” is on at this year’s Avignon Off Theatre Festival. And this every day from July 12-30th at 11.30 am at Gilgamesh Théâtre on Place des Carmes. Watch out, closure dates are July 17, 18 and 19th!
For more info and tickets, please visit the Official Festival site.
Enjoy the summer, enjoy life !

June 2010
Diving into

While post-production on "Double Saut" with editor Amine Jaber has just started, a selection of making-of stills from the film can already be seen here.
Also on the net this month, a short portrait of Laura in Luxembourg's City Magazine.
At the end of June, Laura will catch up with her fellow participants in Brignogan (Brittany, France) for the second residential workshop of Script&Pitch, hosted by Le Groupe Ouest this time.


Mother and daughter... everything is possible in the name of love and affection.
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L'écho des planches
Luxtime on air

Laura Schroeder and Tony De Maeyer interviewed by Sarah Authesserre during the Avignon Festival 2010

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