June 2010
Diving into

While post-production on "Double Saut" with editor Amine Jaber has just started, a selection of making-of stills from the film can already be seen here.
Also on the net this month, a short portrait of Laura in Luxembourg's City Magazine.
At the end of June, Laura will catch up with her fellow participants in Brignogan (Brittany, France) for the second residential workshop of Script&Pitch, hosted by Le Groupe Ouest this time.

April & May 2010
"Double Saut" ready to go

The shoot of Laura's new short will start on May 8th and go until May 16th.
During 7 days, first-time actors as well as confirmed ones will plunge into the ascetic ambiance of an orphanage in the 80's, where the only escape is a swimming pool and its diving boards.
Jean-Louis Schuller is attached as Director of Photography, Veronique Sacrez as Production Designer and Uli Simon for Costumes.

February & March 2010
Script&Pitch and Directing children

"Contingencies", Laura's feature film project, has been selected to participate in the Script&Pitch Workshops 2010, supported by TorinoFilmLab and MEDIA. The program starts in March and culminates in  a Final Meeting Event held at the Turin Film Festival in November.
Laura is now also officially attached as director to "Melusina TS", a feature film produced by Lucil Film (LUX) and scheduled to be shot during the summer of 2011. "Melusina TS"  (aka "D'Schatzritter - D'Geheimnis vum Melusina") is the story of 11-year old Jeff who believes in the existence of the lost treasure of Melusina and who, with the help of his 3 friends, tries to find it, against all obstacles.
The cast for "Double Saut" now being complete, shooting is scheduled for April.


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Luxtime on air

Laura Schroeder and Tony De Maeyer interviewed by Sarah Authesserre during the Avignon Festival 2010

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