May-June 2009
A few more weeks to go...

...until the premiere of « LUXTIME »! While we have started the final rehearsals, you can already whet your appetite and view the first stills of the film as well as a short clip here. More making-of photos can be found on Filmreakter.
It's all happening on June 11th, 12th and 13th.
For reservations, please call +352 47 08 95 1 or send an email to
We hope to see you there!

March 2009
''Senteurs'' release at Utopia with ''Ripar''

While the production of "LUXTIME - Jacques Tati revisited" has officially started, and is making good progress (shooting dates March 16-21st), Laura's short film "Senteurs" is finally being made available for Luxembourgish audiences on big screen.
The film will indeed - after a screening on March 9th with the feature film "Riparo" as part of the annual Transculturelles Festival - be released along with the same film at cinema Utopia in Luxembourg town. Release date is Friday 13th!

January-February 2009
Happy New Year - Year of LUXTIME

2009 will open up with "Senteurs" going to Bilbao Zinegoak Festival and Laura going to Berlin to start rehearsing for LUXTIME, the theatre/music/film project around Jacques Tati.
Laura is also going to be part of the Berlinale Talent Campus during this year's Berlinale Film Festival ( Feb 5-15th) . But all in all 2009 is going to be the year of LUXTIME, with the shoot planned for March and the show scheduled to premiere on June 11th at the Théâtre National in Luxembourg (further dates: June 12th and 13th).
2009 will also see the development of 2 new film projects - only let's wait for the time to be right to talk about that.


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