May 2015
Blurred borders postponed. Contrary to what had been announced, Blurred borders has not been broadcasted on April 26th. Almost but not just yet.
Meanwhile Barrage, Laura’s feature film, is making great progress, with a French co-producer on board and the lead role confirmed.
Also, Laura will return to the theatre in January 2016, with the staging of Das Ding aus dem Meer by German contemporary author Rebekka Kricheldorf. More details coming soon!
April 2015
Border tale On April 26th, Verwëschte Grenzen, the documentary Laura directed for the new series routwaïssgro, will be broadcasted on RTL, together with another episode directed by Max Jacoby. Switch on at 18.30 or join us for a public screening, same date, same time, at Carré Rotondes, Luxembourg.
January - February 2015
Blurred borders Verwëschte Grenzen ( "Blurred borders") is the title of Laura's documentary for the new series ROUTWAISSGRO, launched on March 1st on national channel RTL.
Verwëschte Grenzen is starring Christian Degraux, former manager of, caught between Luxembourg and Belgium, his work and his private life.
Stay connected to find out when Verwëschte Grenzen will be first screened.

Mother and daughter... everything is possible in the name of love and affection.
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Christian Degraux, caught between Luxembourg and Belgium, his work and his private life...
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L'écho des planches
Luxtime on air

Laura Schroeder and Tony De Maeyer interviewed by Sarah Authesserre during the Avignon Festival 2010

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