January-February 2013
New projects

Writing. Thinking. Talking. Reading. Expanding. More thinking. More writing.
Driving. To Lille. Talking. Brainstorming. Thinking. Flying. To Berlin. Talking. Meeting. Thinking.
Drinking. Dancing. Smoking. Writing.
Writing. Writing. Writing.

Novembre - Decembre 2012

Three young adults. One night. One bet. That's the pitch of Lucil's new sitcom launched with a lot of success at the end of Septembre. Laura will direct two episodes, broadcasted respectively on Novembre 23rd and December 14th at 7 pm on RTL, Luxembourg's national TV channel. Both episodes will be available online for a week after their first broadcast.
The DVD of Schatzritter (Luxembourgish version) has also been released. Available in all local shops selling DVD's!

Octobre 2012
Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

While Schatzritter is still playing in German cinemas, it has also been selected at this year's Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (Oct 10-21) in Montreal. It will be shown in the section P'tits Loups.
On Octobre 3rd, Laura's short film Senteurs (2008) will be screened among other Luxembourgish short films at CAPE, Ettelbruck (LUX), inaugurating a short film cycle running until May 2013.
And: Comeback, the sitcom, has just been launched! Take a look at it here.


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