Brain is cool


Brain is cool follows Lisa, a young, dynamic brain researcher, in her daily endeavours in and around the tech hub of Belval.

Together with her colleagues of the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB), Lisa develops a model that allows to better study Parkinson disease, by means of microscopic cell cultures, so-called mini-brains.

Lisa takes us into this scientific world where the professional career is tightly linked to the publication of the results of the research. As they say among researchers, publish or perish? That’s only one of the challenges Lisa is confronted to.

Writer, director: Laura Schroeder

Produced by Calach Films (LUX), Kollektiv13 (LUX).
Supported by Filmfund Luxembourg (LUX), RTL (LUX).

Director of Photography : Nikos Welter
Sound : Céline Bodson, Yves Bémelmans, Arnaud Mellet
Editing : Pia Dumont
Assistance: Léa Délémos