Mother and daughter... everything is possible in the name of love and affection.
Das Ding aus dem Meer
Five characters trapped on a ship slowly drifting off into nothingness...
Verwëschte Grenzen
Christian Degraux, former manager of, caught between Luxembourg and Belgium, his work and his private life.
Schatzritter - D'Geheimnis vum Melusina
11-year old Jeff embarks, with the help of his 3 friends, on the great adventure of finding the lost treasure of the mystical mermaid Melusina.
Double Saut
Do, a 12 year-old teenager, is living in an orphanage run by her parents.
Ill-at-ease in this environment as well as in her body (...)
LUXTIME – Jacques Tati revisited
In 2006, Pascal Schumacher, vibraphone player and composer, and Laura Schroeder, filmmaker, get together with the idea of creating a show that revisits the world of the famous French director and actor Jacques Tati
One day in the life of Emma, a married woman with a six-year old daughter. One day that seems like all the others...
Vrai Bavardage
Music Video of « Vrai Bavardage », song written and performed by Kalo de 78
Unto this last
Two months after her mother’s death, 18 year-old Mira finds out that her mother had a lover called Samir, and that her father knew about it...
de pommes
A film about memories, about the absence of a beloved being, about loss.
the long way
The shadow of a woman in Paris by night, on the traces of a lost love.
my P0602
Experimental diary of a trip to Porto and Coimbra.
scène de bain
A young couple in a bathroom has trouble to communicate.
Rose et Léon
As there is hardly any communication left between Rose and Léon, elderly couple, Rose takes refuge in the past…
Essay about the vis-à-vis of two Parisian buildings.
en femme
Experimental film that revisits the myth of Antigone. Shot in Berlin, Paris and Trieste.