Unto this last
United Kingdom 2006
30 min
16:9 Anamorphic
Dolby Lt-Rt / English

Two months after her mother’s death, 18 year-old Mira finds out that her mother had a lover called Samir, and that her father knew about it.
The encounter with Samir has a strong impact on Mira’s own emotional world…

Written & directed by Laura Schroeder
Cinematography :Tim Partridge
Editor : Alice Powell
Sound Design : Gernot Fuhrmann
Music : George Letellier
Production : National Film and Television School

Cast : Beverley Eve, David O’Kelly, William El-Gardi, Daniel Barry, Jennifer Guy

Premiere : Flea Pit, London, September 26 2006

Festival selection : London East End Festival, April 2007

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